Our Story

In the summer of 2004, two young professionals, Tim Millar and Ryan Keelan began a project that would take them straight into the Center of Hurricane Charley. Anxiously awaiting the storm from atop a recently constructed bridge that spans the Caloosahatchee Canal, their duties were to gather detailed meteorological information as well as report on site conditions to local officials. Tim, a pilot with an educational background in meteorology was to coordinate meteorological data while Ryan, a specialist in pubic administration was responsible for maintaining communications with the Charlotte County Emergency Operations Center. The mission was a general success, despite communication never being established with the EOC for more than 15 minutes due to an evacuation caused by structural damage. As the 2004 season produced storms to intercept, this team was joined by a handful of other individuals who specialize in a variety of fields, most notably Trey Menefe, who currently serves as the chairman of our board of directors.

Following the 2005 season, the Cyclone Research Group received funding to begin the expansion of it’s fleet of intercept vehicles after an ever increasing demand for storm research and public awareness campaigns. Today, the Cyclone Research Group is largest organization in the United States that actively conducts ground based research dedicated solely towards tropical cyclones.

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Look live into the middle of a tropical cyclone, live weather data and video feeds for the entire land fall.
Information on the regions we have expanded to, and details on the vehciles bases
Accounts of some of the most notable storms and the operations associated with intercepting them
Details on the Cyclone Research Group, Founder, Staff, and Board of Directors